Service policy

A well-developed service sector is imperative for the sustainability, life and work in conurbations. All service sectors are crucial to Berlin as a business location.

Our ideas on how to give impetus to innovative service policy are supposed to spark a lively discussion on this topic.

The growing internationalisation of the Berlin metropolitan region also gives impetus to a growing demand for services and their innovation.

The development of high-quality services and innovations is based on the sound expertise of the employees. Life-long learning is the growth engine for innovation, good work and competitiveness in the service sector.

Sustainable value-added is only possible if the work done by the employees is appreciated. This means: Appreciation of work is crucial for providing good services.

Innovation is mainly needed for the creation and development of the “products” in the service sector. The culture of innovation, however, is also of vital importance to quality, growth and strategic concepts for specific industries. A well-developed culture of innovation is also essential to working conditions.

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