16 ideas on how to give impetus to innovative service policy in the Berlin metropolitan region
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Giving a face to service providers: “Alphabet of services”
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Project flyer: Increasing the appreciation of services in society
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Expert reports

Comparing metropolitan regions: Berlin – London – Vienna
(PDF 1,4 MB) (German only)

The service sector in the Berlin metropolitan region: its significance for the economy and employment policy
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The innovative process and potential of time policy caught between service quality and value-added processes in the service sector: discussions and recommendations for action
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Changes in security services in the Berlin metropolitan region
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Changes in nursing care services in the Berlin metropolitan region
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Changing job profiles and required qualifications for secretaries working for industrial companies in Berlin using the example of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
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"What next!? Mini-jobs: short-term employment with side effects Discussing options for political action"
Documentation regarding the expert panel on 6th April 2011
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"Appreciating geriatric nurses is essential to retain qualified personnel! – What else needs to change in Berlin?"
Documentation regarding the expert talk on 28th March 2011
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Discussion paper

Changes and challenges in geriatric care services – the importance of education and further training
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From the media

Good policy in and for the service sector matters to all of us.
An article in the “Punkt“ magazine dated January/February 2011
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Further education seminar in a hotel in Berlin: Project description
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