Quality of services requires quality of work

The service sector is extremely significant for the economy and employment in Berlin. It shapes the Berlin metropolitan region, generates growth and is a significant source of value added. Gross value added in the trade, hospitality and transport industries increased by more than ten percent between 2004 and 2009. The Berlin tourism industry has seen a growing number of visitors despite the economic and financial crisis. With 917,000 tourists in 2010, the number of visitors hit a new record.
The service sector is booming. In 2009, the Berlin service sector generated 82 percent of Berlin's GDP. 86 percent of all employees in the German capital that are subject to security payments have a job in the service sector. More than half of them (56 percent) are female. The proportion of women working in the health, veterinary and social sector is 78 percent and continues to grow.

Where is the link between the quality of services and the quality of work?

There are numerous examples that show that the availability of services is of vital importance to the quality of life for customers and employees and to the interaction between the industrial sector and the service sector. The quality of services and the quality of work are interdependent and essential to an equal development of value added and appreciation in Berlin, a metropolis for the service industry.

Good and innovative services depend on the motivation, qualification, expertise and options available to the people working in the service sector and their representation of interests. The website “Berlin – a metropolis for the service industry” focuses on service work and the people and companies in the service sector in order to facilitate innovation and tap existing potential. Their experience and practical know-how will be the starting point to developing ideas on how to improve service work in the Berlin metropolitan region under humane working conditions conducive to innovation. Good work requires good working conditions.

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