Increasing appreciation for service work

Nearly one million Berliners have a job in the service sector that is subject to security payments. In addition, there are 180,000 short-term employments (mini-jobs). This is about 86 percent of all employees in Berlin. The service sector generates 82 percent of Berlin's GDP and this trend is set to continue.
In terms of numbers alone, the service sector is an integral part of the Berlin value-added chain and yet: Service policy is only slowly emerging from the shadows to actively and specifically promote the service sector. The following is essential: Services that ensure quality of life, economic development and employment depend on skilled employees that are appreciated for their work and benefit from good working conditions. It is crucial that good services are appreciated in society and adequately remunerated.
It is our goal to raise awareness and increase appreciation for Berlin's service sector.

Ways and means

The quality of work, services and innovative concepts of time are supposed to form an entity, which shall be brought into the political debate and become part of everyday operations of service companies. We want to achieve that by:

  • organising public events, networking and providing a broad range of information material.
  • promoting dialogue and raising public awareness for the quality of work and services.
  • emphasising the role of education and further training.

Using pilot processes in companies operating in the nursing care sector and the security services sector to explore ways and means on how to improve the quality of work and services.
Working together with political decision-makers (in education), we will try and find innovative concepts of time in the context of life-long learning.
We would like to benefit from the experience gained in other European metropolitan regions to develop Berlin-specific service policy.